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Clara, Brighton

I sought out the Vanbrugh Physiotherapy Clinic primarily, as they are one of the very few clinics who specialise in ConnectTherapy & The Thoracic Ring Approach. I was very curious as to whether this form of Physio treatment could help me. I think I need to say at this point that it's hard to actually convey just how genuinely grateful I am to have found the Vanbrugh and most importantly my Physio Mark Suttie, who specialises in ConnectTherapy (and who I tell people, has magic hands!).


Whilst ConnectTherapy is quite a subtle physical form of manipulation it has helped me beyond belief- as has Mark. As a yoga practitioner who practices daily I had been finding that my rib cage and thorax which was very tight, was very prone to injury and I was frequently pulling my intercostal muscles (very painful!!). I came to Mark having more or less given up hope that my rib cage would ever perform properly and that injury, not to mention pain, was something I was just going to have to endure (even after having seen numerous Osteopaths and other body therapists).


Mark got to the root of my problem in my very first session and I have continued to see him for about ten months now.  Now, if I ever have a twinge I know that seeing him will bring an end to any discomfort. He is one of the few body therapists who understands the importance of what you do (in my case, my yoga practice), and does everything he can to make sure that you get back to your optimum in the quickest time.


It's no exaggeration to say that my practice has been transformed thanks to Mark and actually so have I! I feel I learn something new about my body and movement patterns, good and bad, after every visit to Mark.  He is one of the few people I trust implicitly when it comes to working on my troublesome ribs or any other difficulty I may be experiencing.   He knows exactly where to work on your body to get you out of pain in the shortest possible time, but also teaches you how to empower yourself in terms of being to rectify any niggles yourself using various physio techniques. I don’t think I could have progressed as much as I have in my yoga practice if it wasn't for Mark.


Whether a chronic injury or an acute pain, ConnectTherapy, and the Vanbrugh Physio Clinic always manages to get me straight back in the studio stronger and feeling like lighter and like I can breathe properly. He and the whole team at Vanbrugh are incredibly patient and kind. They make you feel more than simply an anonymous client. I travel all the way from Brighton to see Mark and they always do their best to ensure I get an appointment that suits me.


I would not hesitate to recommend Mark and the Vanbrugh Physio Clinic to anyone in need of a highly skilled, knowledgeable physiotherapist.... I am SO thankful I found them!





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