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Benefits of Massage


Massage is such an amazingly therapeutic and relaxing therapy. It has been used for thousands of years...some of the major benefits are:


  • Great Way to ease Stress & Strain in the Body

  • Relief from Muscular Aches & Pains

  • Aids the healing of muscles after injury

  • Promotes recovery after heavy training

  • Helps with sleep deprivation

  • Releases endorphines - the body's "Happy Hormones"


Deep tissue massage works deep into the muscles to promote blood flow, lymphatic drainiage and the removal of built up lactic acid associated with muscle overuse.  It helps to relieve tension by relaxing and releasing tight bunches of muscle fibres called Trigger Points.


The How:

Practically, during the massage, the therapist uses manual techniques to "warm up" and relax the superficial muscles first. Then, a deeper pressure can be applied using hand, knuckle, forearm or elbow pressure. Slow, firm strokes focus on the deeper muscles, tendons and tissues. Many people believe this type of massage is painful but that is not necessarily the case. Here at Vanbrugh, we tailor our massages and the depth of the pressure and relief to each individual client.


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